Our history

Our history

An exceptional and luxurious stay for our guests is at our heart. This is why we are managing our hotel with great passion and personal dedication since our opening in 2011. If you are interested in our story, read below on how it all started.

Overcrowded vacation places and hotels in the summer, ghost towns in the off-season and nothing left of that particular Italian charm.

This is exactly what we, a married couple of German architects, no longer wanted. Having spent almost our entire careers designing large and luxurious hotels, we wanted to make our dream come true and create something we can call our own, something that stands out.

Built in an ancient palace in southern Italy, totally renovated, the Piccolo Grand Hotel is a seaside hotel in Pizzo Calabro that offers a luxurious and individual stay.

Our boutique hotel is located in the center of a Calabrian town, a town that could not be more authentic: narrow streets, clothes hanging out in the sun in the alleys, a vibrant "square" in the center of the city and a multitude of restaurants without the typical tourist price increase. A sea view and the beach within walking distance certainly included. Exactly how you would imagine it.

Come and visit us and let Sandra, Vincenza, Kala, Eulalia, Annalisa, Gustavo, Massimo and Salvatore take care of you while you get to know the real Calabria.

We welcome you to be our guests in our Hotel.

Jutta and Mickey Maden

Our history